2017: In Review

On January 2, 2017, I posted an image of a kitchen I had just shot to Instagram. I commented that 2017 was going to be the year that I starting sharing more of the work I do shooting real estate. Little did I know what a year 2017 would become in the local real estate market (spoiler: it was wild) and in turn, what a year of growth it would be for me as a photographer. 

Full disclosure: I don’t do this full time. By ‘this’, I mean photography. While January 2018 actually marks my 8th year of shooting real estate, I’m also very fortunate to have a day job that I love, which means I have always done ‘this’ on the side. So, every time I pick up my camera for a real estate or interior shoot, I do so completely uninhibited of obligation to do ‘this’ to simply pay the bills. Each shoot fuels my creativity. It provides me the opportunity to hone this craft and deliver images allowing the Realtor, designer, or contracting professional representation in the best possible way. I’m genuinely excited with the work I turn over to my clients and in 2017 I wanted to share more of it. So I did. 

I was fortunate this year to have a lot of opportunity to take a lot of photos. I took more photos, both professionally and personally, this year than I have ever taken years prior. Any photographer will tell you that the more you shoot, the better your eye gets and the more comfortable you are in a wide variety of shooting conditions. This is so valuable shooting real estate & interiors; every house or project you walk into is a completely unique set of challenges. Real estate in Peterborough is neat like that, the spectrum is broad.

I’ve incorporated a number of new techniques into my workflow this year, primarily in the area of off-camera lighting which I feel has greatly improved the quality and consistency of my images while allowing me to develop a style & characteristic that is my own. Still very firmly planted in the Fujifilm camp, there has been some new gear crept into my inventory that gives me more options for a wider variety of shots. I’ve learned a great deal this year from a number of very talented real estate & interior photographers on YouTube, Instagram & Flickr. The ‘social’ aspect of social media has been fun; there’s a great community of people to learn from & engage with.

This website was all new in 2017. Prior to this year I didn’t actually have a website (or business cards or anything, really). I was heckled er, encouraged, by my good friend and local photographer Chance Faulkner that I needed to have a portfolio online. So I put this site together. He also encouraged me that I should also be blogging, well, here you are reading this blog… So to the best of my ability, this something I’m going to try to do more of that in the coming year. 

As I’m looking forward to 2018, I am really just excited to build upon 2017. I don’t have an exhaustive laundry list of goals or plans to build an empire; I simply want to get better. I want to shoot more images. I want to share more images. I’d want to collaborate with some new individuals, organizations & industries… so I can shoot & share more images.

Each home has a unique story and sometimes that’s lost when images are captured. Sometimes I find myself getting lost in personal reflection in images, and they take on a new meaning, but that adds something special. Here’s a handful of my favourite images from 2017 from the year & the reasons why are in the captions. 

Cheers, 2017.

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