Goodbye, Wordpress. Hello, Format.

Time for a little change to my real estate photography web portfolio.

I had been self-hosting a Wordpress site for years; it was cost effective mostly (from a hosting perspective), piggybacking off my super-cheap annual plan through Stablehost. I was using a theme I bought years ago, and it was just okay. I’m relatively technically savvy, but I’m no web guru; I could never get things in the Wordpress realm dialled in the way I wanted. Sure, I know there’s all sorts of premium themes, templates and even alternate hosting services available with many being well tailored to photographers, but I wanted something different. 

I’d been aware of Format for a few months. I knew I wanted to start from scratch with a minimal collection of updated images. Thus far, easy & intuitive accurately describes my experiences with the entire setup, interface, theming, navigation, editor, etc. A+ all around. 

Simple. Clean. Responsive.

Bonus points: they’re Canadian. 

So, here’s a blog post. 

I’d like to make this a space I can muse a little about tips, style, technique and showcase some of my favourite shots from some of the unique places I’ve seen in and around the Peterborough area. 

Lets do it.

Using Format